God, I’m not good at consistency so I do apologise.  Don’t fret, I am here alive and semi-well.

Where to start? Well, I went to rehab and relapsed in a way but no blackouts as of yet so that’s really a good start. I have a new job as a rep at a call center for customer service for a prominent phone carrier (which sucks but hey, it pays out the ass so that’s cool). I’m in the process of moving into my own apartment that is super rad. It’s an old high school turned efficiency apartments and it is honestly the perfect little hipster type of studio apartment and I can’t wait to post pictures once I’m settled in all the way.

Mental state so far is about the same, but not to a breakdown level yet. Mainly because I smoke like a chimney and I’m not talking about them cancer sticks that you kids think are cool nowadays. I don’t give a damn what anyone says, marijuana has saved my life. For now, you know, because I’m still undergoing my experiment with it *wink, wink*

More posts to flood in soon


Your not so drunk Kenzi