I’m sure that you feel valid in commenting on my blog (even though newsflash I can approve those before they actually post), invading my safe space, and just being an all around cunt. But let’s all take a second to think about this. After being cut out of my life, being blocked from contacting me, and out of my life for months now, YOU went out of your way to find my blog and make a rude comment because you think that my mental health status is karma getting revenge? I think this just shows who is really the shitty person here. I’m attending beauty school, working 40+ hours a week, helping my sick family member, and still trying to stay away from binge drinking every night. So, I’m glad you think my stress and depression and desire to die is karma and you’re happy I feel this way. I’m improving who I am and my quality of life while you sit behind a screen without identifying yourself to belittle me for being ill and still get involved in the same drama as you always have. I’m growing and you are staying the same and that, my dear old pal, is karma.

As always, fuck you

Kenzi xx