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Fresh out of high school with my diploma, I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed a month before leaving for college. Now, I know you think you know where this is going, but I promise you that you don’t. This is not some funny rendition of what I said while waking up from the surgery


Dear old friend

I'm sure that you feel valid in commenting on my blog (even though newsflash I can approve those before they actually post), invading my safe space, and just being an all around cunt. But let's all take a second to... Continue Reading →

I feel the need to run until my lungs burn up and my heart explodes into a million shards of loneliness and despair and I am so far away from the daily bullshit pattern that is my life that I... Continue Reading →

Old Writings

Hey guys sorry for the break (again) I've been without wifi until now and that has seriously been a tragedy. I have been writing though so I thought I'd upload some stuff that I've had for awhile. Enjoy!   It’s... Continue Reading →

Sorry for the hiatus

God, I'm not good at consistency so I do apologise.  Don't fret, I am here alive and semi-well. Where to start? Well, I went to rehab and relapsed in a way but no blackouts as of yet so that's really... Continue Reading →


I have always tried to be this conceived version of myself, bits and pieces thrown together in different orders and arrangements to create a personality for specific people. I am exceptionally good at recognizing what a person expects or wants... Continue Reading →

I was raped

He was my friend who always answered the phone, convinced his 2 other roommates to let me move in after I was evicted from my apartment, rolled blunt after blunt when I couldn’t bear the thought of being sober and... Continue Reading →


It’s been officially 3 months since my ex-boyfriend threw out my designated puke bowl (literally gross I know, but Bulimia isn’t pretty) and my scales that I used to weigh myself obsessively. True to my word, I stopped binging and... Continue Reading →

I AM BORDERLINE: A Short Film — The Upside Down Chronicles *Potential Trigger Warning* “You are a person who feels the highest of highs and the lowest of lows” via I AM BORDERLINE: A Short Film — The Upside Down Chronicles

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